Joshua & Sarah Silver

Founders, Music4Kids Inc

Music4Kids is the result of a vision followed.  When Joshua was growing up, he had many hardships.  Foster care and emotional issues were among the list.  Along the way, he was fortunate enough to receive special attention from a few people who could see his aptitude for, and love of, music.  Joshua now teaches guitar, performs at special events, and is a member of the music team at church.  He and Sarah have set out to recreate the experience he had as a young boy - providing access to musical instruments, music lessons, special classes, music production, performance, mentoring and even music therapy to children in need.  The goal is to allow kids to express themselves through music, and to have an outlet for creativity. Music is so powerful.  Music4Kids is here to share that power!



Hoban Sanford
A Teacher, Mentor and Friend

I'll always be grateful for your compassion and dedication.  It is largely because of you that Music4Kids exists today.  I am proud to say that you helped teach me and that you became my friend when I needed one most, (and even more proud to say that I'm kinda better than you at guitar now!)                    LOL.  Thanks.  Much love. - J